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QT-Ez Vertical Machining Center

Affordable and easy to own, the new QTEz Vertical Machining Centers offer Mazak’s reliability, customer care and innovation.

Machine Description

Designed to process large parts or multiple small workpieces in single machine setups, the Kentucky-made VCN-570C Vertical Machining Center brings advanced technology, performance and value to an expansive variety of metalcutting applications. A wide range of spindle options gives shops what they need to achieve an effective balance of speed and torque for their particular machining needs and workpiece materials.

Also contributing to the machine’s productivity is an extremely fast traverse rate of 1,654 ipm in the X, Y and Z axes. A servo-driven automatic tool changer can be combined with an optional 60-tool magazine to bring even more part-processing versatility to the shop floor through reduced tool setups, which equals more spindle uptime and more productivity.

The user-friendly MAZATROL SmoothG Control featured on the machine offers EIA/ISO programming as well as MAZATROL Conversational programming that makes it easy to generate programs for angled drilling, milling or tapping operations.

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Process Displays 5

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Spindle Speed
8,000 rpm
12,000 rpm
15,000 rpm
Tool Changers
Option 2
Option 3
Auto Door
Driven Toolholder
90 degree
Option 2
Option 3

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